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Bathroom Renovations

Bathroom Renovations Near You

Creating a fresher place so you can freshen up 

NeXus Construction Group specialises in kitchen and bathroom renovations near you in Sydney. Our team of experts will be with you throughout the process — from design to delivery. We also work closely with our customers to ensure that we can deliver an exceptional bathroom renovation.  

The experienced NeXus Construction Group team provides clients with ideas and suggestions regarding modern bathroom renovations, making sure the best design and fixtures are selected.

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NeXus Construction Group: Your Partner in Bathroom Renovations

Our name, NeXus, is derived from a Latin phrase meaning binding or joining, and it reflects our core principle: collaborating with you to seamlessly connect your vision to reality.

With over 18 years of experience working on significant sites alongside Australia's leading firms, NeXus Construction Group have established us as one of the leading bathroom companies in Sydney. This extensive experience translates into exceptional knowledge for tackling modern bathroom renovations in addition to residential or commercial projects.

The team is well aware of the inherent stress of construction or renovation. That's why we prioritise clear communication and active listening. We'll guide you through the process of bathroom and ensuite renovations, offering professional advice tailored to your needs and desires.

Our commitment extends beyond meeting your expectations. We strive to exceed them with premium-quality bathroom renovations near you. We offer a complete ensuite renovation service, from project inception to finalisation, ensuring meticulous attention to detail and exceptional quality at every step.

Reasons You Should Renovate Your Bathroom

Renovating doesn’t mean deconstructing a structure and building a new one. A renovation  is a way to improve your homes structure, functionality and aesthetics by removing outdated and non-functional areas and items and replacing them with new and more practical ones. 

If you need help in identifying whether or not your bathroom needs renovations, here are some reasons that will help you make the right decision: 

Your Bathroom Has Existing Problems

Aside from the kitchen, the bathroom is an area of your house with water services. That is why most bathrooms have water leaks as time passes by due to loose tiles, compromised waterproofing and longstanding fixtures. There is an even greater risk caused by water leaks — rotting floors and mould propagation.  

If you suspect that your bathroom has these issues, it is best to have it renovated so that we’ll replace your tapware and other features with modern and more efficient fixtures. NeXus Construction Group offers expert kitchen and bathroom renovations near you in Sydney, to meet all your renovation needs.


Turn your small bathroom into a spa retreat!

Consult Nexus Construction's design & build experts for a seamless renovation. Call (02) 9090 2421 or email

You Need More Storage Space

Well, renovations aren’t necessarily for fixing problems in your kitchen, bathroom, or home. You can also renovate your bathroom to add storage space for your bathing essentials and toiletries. With this, the team at nexus will work closely with you to design and install custom made joinery to suit you storage needs.

You’ve Been Paying Higher Costs for Electricity

Energy efficiency and conservation is the use of lesser energy to perform the same activities. It can help reduce energy waste, lower greenhouse gas emissions, and decrease water use. Plus, you will pay lower costs for electricity. 

To achieve that, though, you need new systems and water-saving features. There are several factors where renovations can help with that—low flow toilet suites, new windows for ventilation and cooling properties, and radiant flooring to improve lighting. 

You Just Want to Improve Its Style 

It’s not always about efficiency and functionality — although looking into these features is crucial. Sometimes, there are people who just want to make their homes more pleasing to the eyes, and the bathroom is not an exception. If you want to give your bathroom a facelift, we will be more than happy to provide you with great ideas and suggestions on how to make your bathroom look more modern and fresher.

Don’t worry! We won’t have to start from scratch when improving its style. We can work on what your bathroom already has and see how we can make it more aesthetically pleasing and practical.

Improve Your Home One Step at a Time!

NeXus Construction Group is a building company offering various services, such as home renovations outdoor building, and commercial works. We also specialise in kitchen, laundry, ensuite, and bathroom renovations near you in Sydney to help you have a modern, functional kitchen and an even better bathroom. 

We provide our customers with comprehensive services and assist from the beginning of the project until its completion. As one of the top bathroom renovation companies near you in Sydney, we take pride in providing state of the art  workmanship and accurate attention to detail in every project we do.

For more information about us and what we do, feel free to call (02) 9090 2421 or email

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